Do you feel like a content creation machine?

You need a break. So does your brain.

Marketers work SO hard these days. Probably harder than ever before. That’s because, about 10 years ago, something crazy happened…

Content became KING.

Suddenly, the pressure was on for marketers to create great content.


Not only did the content have to be flawless, but it had to perform on

Every. Single. Channel. 

Suddenly, you became the “go to” person for content. Colleagues would innocently appear at your cubicle, interrupting your train of thought, asking you to write something for them. An email here. A tweet there. A landing page, blog, web copy, and an ad that needs to run tomorrow.


Did you ever stop to think that, while you were frantically working to meet the content demands of other departments, you were actually neglecting your own priorities and goals?

I feel exhausted just thinking about it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to the good old days when you could do your job, leave work at a sensible time, and still have time left in the day?

Time to play with your kiddos.

Time to walk on the beach and watch the sun set. 

Time to find love.

Well, I’ve got good news for you…

With a bit of help, you’ll be able to produce all the content you need, achieve your marketing goals, AND reclaim precious hours in your day.

You just have to do one thing…

Find a good writer.

Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Excellent. I don’t have time for myself OR my family. How am I going to find time to search for — and train — a writer?”

Luckily, I have the perfect solution…

I can take some of that content off of your plate.

I’ve been writing content for 8+ years and it’s the best career in the world!  I’m so passionate about it, that I even have a T-shirt that says “I Love Content.” (I’m not joking.)

Over the years, I’ve written just about every kind of marketing content out there: blogs, case studies, ads, web copy, social media posts, white papers, video scripts — you name it.

My content is thoughtful and targeted.

I want to help you deliver great content and get the break you deserve. With support, you can shift your focus to the goals that will earn YOU the promotion, or add extra hours to your day.

Have a look at my writing samples to see if it’s what you’re looking for.  There’s no harm in looking — or chatting. So if you’re ready for help, let’s set up a time to talk.

Drop me an email at: to get started. It’s time for you to live your life again.


The Truth About Bad Content

Have you jumped on the bandwagon?

Followed the crowd?

Jumped in head first without thinking it through?

We all have, and it’s probably been part of our undoing — especially when it comes to content. 

Years ago, someone probably looked at your website and told you one thing:


“Why?” you asked.

“Because content is king.”

They said that content would help you rank in search engines. They said it would help you crush your competitors. And that content would help you generate new leads.

As you listened to this sage advice, you probably wrung your hands together as if someone has just given you a magic elixir.

You envisioned enormous spikes in traffic, a mad flurry of conversions, and your bank account bursting with money.

So you produced content. Lots of it.

You probably hired interns, your mother-in-law, or a cheap writer you found on the internet to create loads and loads of content.

And yet, as the weeks passed and you sat in front of your computer screen poring over your analytics, you saw that you weren’t actually getting any new customers. Or even any remotely qualified leads. And you were still ranking on page 47,865.

Well, my friend…you were duped.

Your friendly neighborhood web adviser only told you part of the story. And sadly, they left out the MOST important part.

Yes, content is great. And yes, fresh content helps with search engines, but creating content for content sake is a monumental waste of time and money. That’s the truth.

Many people don’t realize that content creation needs to be strategic.

You need to understand your audiences’ needs, problems, and concerns. You need to understand what motivates them and what they respond to. Bottom line — you need to do your research — and so do your writers.

Words have a lot of power, and choosing the right words to say at the right time in the right way can make the difference between generating money and wasting money.

Not everyone can create good content. That’s a fact. And settling for poorly written content that’s cheap is a mistake that will cost you valuable customers and time.

Content has a very important job to do – and you should always remember that. Give your content a goal, and make sure it achieves that goal, or get rid of it and try something different.

Whether you’re writing a blog to educate your prospects about an industry issue, a Facebook ad to get people to sign up for a contest, or a direct mail piece to sell a product, you need to make sure your content is designed with the goal in mind.

Writing content that works takes practice and skill, which is why it doesn’t pay to hire just anyone. Invest your money where it will create a return – with writers who create content that actually works.

See how I can help you.